Monday, November 9, 2009

Foley Equipment Near Kansas City, MO

Hey Guys, I got this email from Craig in KC. Sounds like he wants to unload some nice equipment for cheap. Let me know if you get it!

Hello, I found your sawfiler blog when I was searching about some Foley Belsaw equipment that I inherited. I have a SF1000 filer and an SR1000 retoother. I've got carrier bars and ratchets with them. I am not familiar with these tools but looked over the manuals off of your site. I've also got a trip hammer setter and a 1055 SharpAll with a few attachments. I am wanting to sell all or part of this equipment cheap. I'm near Kansas City Mo. If you could put this info on your site I would very much appreciate it. If you do you can use my gmail address. Thanks, Craig

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dimension Needed!

I lent my 385 retoother to a friend, so I need a little help from someone out there. Pedder in Germany just got a Foley 385 and the rubber drive wheel is kaputz. If someone can throw a caliper on their drivewheel and post a comment on the size (thickness and diameter) he'd be a happy camper. Thanks guys!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Foley Equipment For Sale: Lacenter, WA

This was posted as a comment earlier this week:

Have Foley Model 387 Saw Filer, Model 52 Power Setter, and Retoother and all Manuals. For Sale best offer. located in Lacenter, Washington 98629

Let us know when it sells tphoneman!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Foley Filer For Sale: Decatur, IL

Josh has a filer for sale in Decatur, IL. Apparently, it was in his basement when he moved into his new house. What luck! If only I could find real estate where they were leaving 20" Moak jointers and Tannewitz bandsaws for the new owners...

Contact him directly at: jor1975 [at] gmail [dot] com.

It looks like a model 200, but I could be wrong. The carrier bars are MIA, but if you read my past posts, you'll see instructions on how to make them.

Also, it looks like the rubber drive wheel which transmits power from the motor to the flywheel has disintegrated. You have a couple of options in that case:

1) Find a new wheel from Foley Belsaw. You'll need to call them directly as these parts are no longer listed online. You might be able to retrofit a rollerblade wheel for this purpose.

2) Make a riser block for the motor to give it a couple inches of clearance off of the flywheel. Then, add a pulley to the driveshaft and get a v-belt from Tractor Supply Co. or the autoparts store. The older models all used pulleys and v-belts.

Someone better snatch this one up. It looks to be in pretty good shape (aside from the drive wheel). It's up to you to haggle with Josh on the price.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Links to Grobet American Pattern Taper Saw Files

As a public service, I just added links (on the right) to Amazon for all of your taper file needs. The price on these Grobet files seems pretty reasonable, but the shipping will kill you. Consider buying several sizes to make it worth your while.

I think I got the ppi correct for each of these, but if not, leave a comment and I'll get it fixed ASAP.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

File Sizes for the Foley Saw Filer

Here's a quick summary from the Foley manual on which files should be used for different teeth sizes. Note that you should probably use smaller files for the finer teeth if you're going to be sharpening by hand.

6" regular taper: 5-7 ppi
6" slim taper: 8-10 ppi
6" extra slim taper: 11-13 ppi
6" double extra slim taper: 13-16 ppi

For the fine stuff - 13 ppi and up - you can rig up a 5" double extra slim taper in the older Foley machines by using a 1/2" dowel to hold the file. There is just enough clearance to pull it off, but you need to be sure to get the file centered in dowel. I haven't tried this on the newer Foley machines, but where there's a will, there's a way!

Saw Sharpening Services

Not me...I'm too busy writing my dissertation.

For those of you who want an expert restoration job on a vintage handsaw, try Mark Harrell in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He was the gentleman who was nice enough to send us instructions on the Burr Retoother a few months ago. Mark also has an ACME saw filer (and he knows how to use it!).

Click here for Mark's website - TechnoPrimitives

Maybe if we send Mark enough business, he will post a tutorial on the ACME, but let's hope he stays too busy with business to have that much free time. If you're in the market for a fully-restored vintage saw, he also sells through ebay.

Click here for Mark's saws on ebay